Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

You guys. THE SUN IS SHINING IN MICHIGAN TODAY! We got our first sunny day in over a month yesterday and it’s back again today. Honestly, I feel like I’ve fallen asleep and woken up in Florida. It’s crazy how just a little sprinkle of sunshine can completely lift your mood! Too bad we’re looking at snow the next couple of days… BOO. Bring on Spring!

After what can only be described as a marathon of a week (I clocked out with SIXTY hours) I was looking forward to the weekend more than anything! Unfortunately for me, we didn’t get to do much relaxing. But that’s okay, because we still had a ton of fun! (Also, I did a horrible job taking photos this weekend! Sorry for the lake of pretty pictures!)

Friday night was my big holiday party for work! We always do our celebration in January, once the holidays are over and people are back into the swing of their normal lives. We had lots of yummy food, free drinks and dueling pianos. It was such a fun time!

Saturday, we were up early to head to Trev’s work. His girls had their big game against their rival school up the road. We had to start the day on Trev’s campus for shoot around before driving up to Oakland for the game.

It was such a good game, but we ended up losing by just a few points!

After the game, Trev and I headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Rochester Mills. They have super yummy food and delicious craft beer! I loved getting to spend a little time with my hubby because I felt like I had barely seen him all week!

Stole this one off Trev’s Insta story!

After dinner we stopped by the store for ice cream before heading home and snuggling in bed for dessert and a movie! We picked Honey I Shrunk The Kids and loved re-watching one of our childhood favorites!

Sunday we finally got a day at home! But it was far from relaxing. We spent our entire day prepping our upstairs for the next step in our renovation process… carpet!

We took carloads of things to a donation center, scrubbed the floors, organized our renovation supplies and put things away that were still in boxes from when we moved. It was a freakin’ task, but we managed to get everything done, PLUS our normal Sunday things before the Super Bowl!

What did you all think of the Big Game? I was really happy the Chiefs won! I felt like Andy Reid deserved a Super Bowl Ring more than anyone 🙂 I LOVED the half time performance and have decided I want to be Jlo when I grow up. Also, I really really really loved the Jason Momoa commercial and the John Krasinski/Debbie Downer/Christ Evans one!

Today we are back at it and I honestly almost fell asleep at my desk. I’m not quite sure I’ve caught up on sleep from last week. I’m counting down the days to Saturday when I don’t have to leave my couch ALL day.

How were your weekends? I hope they were the best! I also hope that you’re seeing a little bit of sunshine wherever you are just like we did today 🙂

Alright my loves, it’s time for The Bachelor. Which means it’s time for me to settle in for two hours of drama!

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday. I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂


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