Weekend Round Up

Hello Loves and Happy Sunny Sunday! It was the most gorgeous day in Michigan today. The sun was shining and it was 53 degrees… in February! Can you even believe? I know I can’t.

All this sunshine has me ready for Spring. But looking at the forecast I’m seeing snow and cold weather creeping back into our lives this week. BOO. But, you can bet I’m going to keep trying to hold on to this sunshine-y feeling throughout the week. Because everything feels better with a little bit of sunshine!

We had a busy weekend at our house. Our weekend began on Friday, but not like we planned. We both had big things happen at work that kept us there late even though it was both of our Fridays to leave early. Our plan had been to head home, change and get dinner before heading to a staff appreciation event before the men’s basketball game at Trev’s work.

BUT that didn’t happen. Trev ended up not being able to come home and I ended up driving in with only 5 minutes left of the reception. I was so flustered I forgot to bring Trev a change of clothes, and we had to luke-warm leftover pizza. And then the guys lost. Not a great Friday night.

So we were determined to have a better Saturday!

We started our Saturday with cinnamon rolls and The Great British Baking Show! Then we headed to Target, Michael’s, Home Depot and Harbor Freight.

And since it was National Margarita day, and we didn’t get to have date night on Friday, we headed to On The Border for $2 margaritas and apps! It was the perfect lunch date!

Saturday night Trev’s parents came to visit on their way to Mt. Pleasant. They got here let, so as soon as they arrived we headed to dinner!

After dinner we visited and watched some tv before heading to bed.

Today we were up early to have breakfast before all heading to Trev’s first lacrosse game of the season! The game was at an indoor sports complex, instead of at Titan Field because the weather is too unpredictable in February. However, I was wishing it’d have been outside because it was GORGEOUS today!

The girl’s played hard, but ended up losing. Boo.

After the game we said our goodbyes and Trev and I headed home. We had a long list of things to do, but instead decided to take a step back and enjoy the sunshine! For me that meant throwing on my bikini top, and multiple layers and blankets on bottom and reading in the sun!

Now, we’re putting away groceries, folding laundry and getting ready to make some nachos for dinner!

How were your weekends?! I hope you got to enjoy some sunshine too!

I’ll be back tomorrow everyone. Have the best rest of your Sunday!


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