Weekend Round Up

Hi Loves! It’s been SUCH a long time! I’ve missed you. Can you believe all that has happened in the world since we last talked? I know this is a scary time for everyone, and there is a lot of unease in the world right now, and Trev and I are feeling it too.

We’ve done our best to prepare ourselves and make the most of social distancing. I feel a lot better knowing that Trev’s work is closed for at least the next two weeks, so he will be safe at home! Me on the other hand? I’ll still be at work, and praying for the best.

This weekend, it really set in that we needed to take more serious measures to prepare ourselves for the virus. We hadn’t really thought much about it earlier in the week, but once our governor closed the universities and schools, we realized this was going to get serious, very quickly.

Friday afternoon once I got out of work, we stopped by Target to pick up as much disinfecting materials as we could. As you can imagine, the shelves were literally wiped queen. I was feeling extra thankful that I stocked up on cleaning supplies for spring cleaning two weeks ago. I had just Clorox wipes, bleach, and repurchased all my favorite cleaning products!

The two things I didn’t get? Lysol Spray and disinfectant for our clothes! We were lucky enough to get the very last disinfecting, color safe bleach at Target which makes me feel really good.

When we got home, Trev showed me his haul from Sam’s Club of things he thought we would need for the next few weeks, and then we started washing all our clothes/sheets/blankets and coats.

Saturday, we woke up to see that Michigan had multiple confirmed cases of COVID-19. And two of them were in the area I work in. This is when the panic started to set in. We realized this was real, it was close to home, and we needed to be more prepared. So we threw on some clothes and headed back to Sam’s Club.

We stocked up on meat, snacks, condiments, frozen things (like veggies/fruit and pizzas) and coffee.

When we got home we wiped everything down with Clorox Wipes, put things away, and started to clean and disinfect our home! We also vacuum sealed all our meat, and stocked our standing freezer in our basement.

Saturday night we planned a date night in, and made our own pizza from scratch! We started the show Outlander (we LOVE it) and enjoyed some time on the couch. Turns out, we’re like REALLY good at this social distancing thing!

Today, we haven’t left our home. I baked bread for the next few weeks (all our stores were sold out, so I decided to make my grandma’s recipe!) and Trev worked on a few projects around the house. We spend this afternoon working in our backyard, cleaning up all the gunk left behind from the winter.

Trev put together our new foldable Adirondack chairs! We can’t wait to make a cute little patio in our back yard this summer and put these on it!
I raked up a TON of leaves! We’re hoping to get some grass seed down soon!

Now, we’re cleaning up and getting ready to cook dinner… and I’m getting ready to prep for the week. How many of you still have to go to work too? Anyone else feeling super anxious about it?

Alright, I’m signing off for the afternoon! I’m back this week with my Spring Cleaning series! Honestly, perfect timing… right? I’ll be back tomorrow. I hope you all are enjoying the rest of your Sunday at home 🙂


4 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Savannah … I think that its interesting that people are all excited about social distancing when they have family or a spouse but what about those of us singles that thrive off those few social interactions we get from going to the store, out to the coffee shops, the gym, etc each day? I know for me I have a strong immune system, live alone, and rarely touch my face (lol!) so I don’t see how this social distancing benefits me! 😦


    1. I’m not so sure that I’m excited about it… although I have always been a homebody and enjoy being home with our without anyone else. I think for me, the social distancing isn’t really about protecting me or enjoying time at home, it’s protecting those that can’t protect themselves. People like my grandparents, or those that I love with compromised immune systems and autoimmune diseases. The benefit isn’t really about me, but about helping others stay safe and healthy! ❤️


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