#WhatUpWednesday Spring Cleaning Edition!

Hi Friends! It’s another week, and another Wednesday, so you know what that means! Although, today, I decided to give this #WhatUpWednesday a Spring Cleaning twist!

But before we get started, let me just say that I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s post! I was in a VERY sad place last night… Tom Brady has left the Patriots and after a long, stressful day, my heart just couldn’t handle anything but sitting on the couch and watching Outlander. (Dramatic. I know.)

So today, I’m combining yesterday’s planned post with today’s to bring you my #WhatUpWednesday Spring Cleaning Edition! Let’s get started!

What I’m Cleaning My Surfaces With

I like to clean with Mrs. Meyer’s brand products! I love them because they are gentle cleaners that don’t have harsh chemicals, so I feel good about wiping my entire house down with them! (And I literally mean my entire house. More on that later!) The only thing I don’t love about these products is their scents. (I think I’m the only person who doesn’t love how most of the products smell!) I typically like my cleaning products to smell citrusy, which none of these do! However, I really love the Honeysuckle scent!

What I’m Disinfecting With

Because cleaning and disinfecting are not the same thing, I’ve using multiple products on my main surfaces to get them extra clean! We have been using the Clorox Scentiva Multi Surface Spray and we love it. It smells good (like a trip to the Caribbean!) and I love knowing it’s killing all the virus germs that I may have brought home with me from work. We also wipe down our surfaces with Clorox wipes. I know it’s probably not necessary to double disinfect, but it makes me feel better so I do it anyways!

What I’m Cleaning My Floors With

We are SOOOO in love with our Dyson! We got it for Christmas and it is honestly a game changer. We clean our entire main floor in minutes thanks to how light and easy to use our stick vacuum is. I know that any Dyson product is an investment, but I have to say, this vacuum is worth every single cent. We like to vacuum our floor a few times a week, and then on the weekends we run a Swifter Wet Jet over it too!

What I’m Cleaning My Appliances With

I discovered LemiShine on accident earlier this year and love their products for my Dishwasher and my Garbage Disposal! They really get rid of the nasty smells and leave everything really clean. Plus they are easy to use and do all the hard work for you! For my washer I really love the Oxyclean Washing Machine Cleaner. I was too afraid to try the Lemishine brand because I have sensitive skin when it comes to my laundry products. Oxyclean has been a tried and true stain remover for me, so I stuck to a brand I knew to clean my washer. It worked great!

What I’m Dusting With

I have two products that I switch back and forth between when I dust! I really love my E-Cloth High Performance Dusting Glove! It’s super simple to use because I just slide in on and wipe away. It’s perfect for light dusting days. But when I have something that’s really, really, really dusty, I reach for my Clorox Dust Wipes. These are weird because they are sticky, but literally all the dust sticks right to them so they defiantly do their job!

What I’m Spraying on my Furniture

I love love love love LOVE Febreze Unstopables! I’ve been using the Shimmer scent (the pink one) ever since it first came out, and it makes my furniture smell so good! People always comment on how nice my couches and chairs smell, and I’ve always just said THANKS! But because I love all of you, I figured I’d let you in on my little secret 🙂

What I’m Doing To Deep Clean

I’ve been deep cleaning EVERYTHING in my house. A few weeks ago, I decided I really wanted to start Spring out fresh with a clean home, and went and stocked up on everything I needed to deep clean. (I’ve been thanking my lucky stars I did this because I didn’t have to fight the rest of America for cleaning products this week.) I followed one of my favorite YouTubers, Bit’s of Bri’s cleaning list this year and I’m super happy I did! She has a printable you can use and she makes Clean With Me videos on her channel too! They really inspired me to clean this year, and I think they might inspire you too! Plus she has a lot of really great tips that I never knew and have helped to make my home feel extra clean this Spring.

So my friends, What’s Up with your cleaning routines?! How are you Spring Cleaning this year?! What are your favorite products to use?!

Alright, I’m signing off for the night. I’m ready to meditate and head to bed. The stress of this week is really starting to get to me… luckily I have my weighted blanket, husband and kitty cat upstairs waiting for me!

I’ll be back tomorrow to share a few of my Dollar Store cleaning products I can’t live without! Talk to you then!


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