Weekend Round Up

Good Morning Loves! Happy, happy Monday! While I’m still not quite awake yet and pouring coffee into my mouth like it’s my job, I’m already hopeful for a good week ahead! (I know it will be. I have a short work week, and my bestie is getting MARRIED this weekend!)

So, before I jet off to work, I figured I sit down and share a Weekend Round Up with you!

This weekend we had such a great weekend at home! We were BUSY doing work around our house.

I was the early person at work Friday, so that meant I was home by 3:00! We didn’t have big plans, because Trev had a Zoom call with one of his teams. So I hit up the Dollar Tree for some Fall goodies (I’m hoping to do a Fall DIY or two soon!) and picked up Bdubs for dinner. I got to choose the movie… and I picked How The West Was Fun! It was just as magical as I remembered, FYI.

Saturday we lounged around with our patio coffee before heading out to do some errands first thing when the stores opened!

Our first stop was Home Depot to pick up trim for our upstairs!! I was SUPER excited because once we got that up, our upstairs would FINALLY start to look a little bit more finished.

Trev was not about that selfie life.

After Home Depot we stopped by Target, Joann’s and Sam’s Club! At Target we were picking up some new Chinos for Trev to wear to the wedding this weekend, but I also found one of the pillows I’ve had my eye on for Fall! I just need to find another one, since they aren’t online yet. I placed an online order at Joann’s because they were having such a great sale on their Fall decor! I needed a few blankets for a collab I have coming up next month, and couldn’t beat the price at $14! And at Sam’s Club, we needed toilet paper 😂 I was super excited when I walked in though, to see their Member’s Mark extra cozy throws back for only $12! I know everyone talks about the Barefoot Dreams blankets you can get for cheap during the N-Sale, but these are an exact dupe and literally a fraction of the price. I buy one every year because I love them so much! If you’re a Sam’s Club member, you can buy them here!

When we got home, it was time to get to work! We finished our front porch, and y’all, it is SO BEAUTIFUL! It’s super bright white compared to the rest of our house right now, but we painted it to match what our house will look like next Spring when we paint it! I literally can not wait to decorate my porch the rest of this year, and then landscape around it next Spring after we paint! Eeeek! It’s going to be so beautiful!

I already asked Trev, and he said he’d love to share with you how we made this pretty little porch. So be on the lookout for that post coming this Fall!

I spent Saturday evening sorting through my Fall Decor, deciding what I was keeping, and what I would be donating this year. I’m in the mood to do a massive declutter of our house… so I’m thinking the next rainy day we’ll start to get rid of things that are just collecting dust in our basement and closets!

Sunday we grocery shopped and then got to work on our trim! Trev worked on cutting it and fitting it, while I did the painting! We made some pretty good progress, and got it about half way done! We already love how good it looks, and can’t believe what a huge change something as small as trim can make!

Sunday night I did some serious self care, and enjoyed an at home facial! My skin was GLOWING by the time I was done. Before we knew it, our weekend was over and it was time to settle in for the night.

Now, Trev is writing programs for his athletes and I’m about to mask up and head to work. Posts coming at you this week? Amazon Finds, #WhatUpWednesday and my Late Summer Bucket List! (Can you believe it’s already time?!!)

Alright my loves, have the BEST week! I’ll be back tomorrow!


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