What To Expect This Holiday Season From Savannah Said It + A Mini Weekend Round Up

Good Morning my loves! And a very happy Monday to you all. I woke up yesterday happier than I have been in a really long time. Why? Because it was November 1st and you know what that means…

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!! YAY! I feel like especially this year, we could all use a little extra cheer. I’ve already started pulling out my Christmas decor and I can not wait to start making my home feel cozy for the holidays!

While I’ve been planning my decor this year, I’ve also been planning what November and December will look like here on the blog! I’ve decided to bring the holiday cheer here earlier than ever too. (Sorry for all of you that don’t like to celebrate Christmas until December 1st… scrooges.)

So this week and next week will be all about Thanksgiving! I’ve got a colder weather prep post coming, a bunch of Thanksgiving prep posts and a fun collab with my friends at Hudsonville Ice Cream! Then, I’m FINALLY taking your advice and bringing you gift guides BEFORE Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I know… it should have always been this way. You all love my gift guides, but I always put them out too late for them to actually be useful. So you can except those towards the end of the month!

Then of course, it will be all Christmas all December long as always! I’ve got some fun ideas up my sleeves to spread holiday cheer this year and I just can’t wait for December to get here! Do you have anything you’d like to see Thanksgiving/Christmas related? Leave it in the comments below!

And now, for a super mini weekend round up!

We didn’t do much this weekend. I ordered a bunch of bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush that get delivered on Friday, so my evening was spent in the bath tub! Saturday we did a few errands and watched spooky movies for Halloween. On Sunday, we made a trip down to Blissfield to see our sweet niece for her 3rd birthday! We got her a makeup table and she loved it!

We spent the rest of the evening cleaning/meal prepping and fluffing my new little Balsam Hill Christmas tree!

How were your weekends?! Were they full of spooky fun?

Alright my loves, I’m signing off because I need to get my butt to work. Have the BEST start to your week, and I’ll be back tomorrow!


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