10 Things I’m buying Now Before the Snow Starts to Fall

That’s right. I said it. The dreaded, dreaded S word. As if 2020 hasn’t been bad enough. we’re in for a freakin’ treat as soon as the snow starts to fall. And this year, more than ever, I want to be prepared.

As the weather gets colder here in Michigan and the snow starts to fall I know really great things are coming (like CHRISTMAS!!) but also so is cold and flu season, blizzards, icy roads and below zero temps. This year, I’m not going to lie. I’m worried that a second round of coronavirus is going to take over and we’re all going to be quarantined inside again. Every year in the winter, I get cabin fever, feel that lovely seasonal depression and count down the days until I can go outside and feel the sun on my face again. All this combined with being stuck in the house and not being able to see loved ones? Well it sounds like a recipe for a dang disaster.

So this year, I’m taking extra time to prep my home before the snow starts to fall. I’m stocking it full of things that make me happy, things that make me feel better, things that make me feel relaxed, and things that make the time pass by, just in case. If by the grace of God we don’t get another round of Covid, I’ll just be super prepped for a long Michigan winter. But if we do? I’ll feel better knowing I made sure I had things to keep our hearts happy while we’re stuck inside all winter long.

Here are 10 Things I’m Buying Before the Snow Starts to Fall!

  1. Bath Bombs. Plus everything else I need for a spa day at home. I’m talking skin care products. Bath products. Candles. Whatever I need to relax and pamper myself, I’ve got it on hand. Now is a great time to stock up on these little luxuries because you can buy the small stocking stuffer sizes from just about every store! I’ve already made a massive Lush order for all my bath bombs and bubble bars. I’m hitting up Target this weekend because I’ve heard all their makeup stocking stuffers have finally hit the shelves. Andddd I’m putting some extra good smelling soaps and lotions in my cart from Bath and Body Works to add on to my next candle order.
  2. Outerwear. Every few years in Michigan you have to replace your outerwear. Michigan winters are tough! This year was my year to replace anyways, but I bought an extra warm coat, extra warm Uggs and a few more thermals than I normally would. Why? So that if we do get quarantined, I have everything I need to enjoy time outside… even in the freezing cold!
  3. Games/Puzzles. You know how inflatable pools and yard games sold out like crazy the last time we shut down? I feel like puzzles and board games are going to be hot items this year. I’ve added a few new puzzles and games to my Christmas lists and we’ve purchased some recently too! We will still be social distancing throughout this winter, so they will be perfect for at home date nights.
  4. Cold Medicine. Buy it NOW before you can’t buy it anymore. I try to pick up a different cold and flu medicine every time we’re at the store, and I’ve also stock piled on my holy grail medicines from Amazon.
  5. A Sun Lamp. We’ve been wanting to get a sun lamp for awhile now… we talk about getting one every February when our SAD is really starting to take it’s toll. But then, the sun comes out in March and we slowly forget about it until the following year. This year, I’m being proactive and picked up a little lamp from Amazon. I didn’t choose a fancy one, just one that I could keep by my bedside at night!
  6. Things for Projects. When we first went into quarantine last March, everything in Michigan shut down. We could get our essentials but we weren’t able to buy things to keep us busy. We’d have loved to use that time to paint in our home, hang trim, or work on one of the many projects we’ve got on our list. But, we couldn’t because we couldn’t buy the supplies for a really long time. So this November, we’re buying paint and wood for home reno projects ahead of time. This way, we have everything we need to successfully complete projects whether we’re stuck at home because of Covid or a blizzard! I’ve also stocked up my DIY Bucket! I like to buy things from Dollar Tree to keep on hand when I feel inspired to do a DIY. It’s full of old signs, chalk paints, crafting materials, paint brushes, crayons, markers, glue sticks. Everything I could possibly need to get creative!
  7. Cleaning Supplies. Now, I’m NOT saying go to the store and buy everything on the shelves. (Although, in Michigan, you can’t even do that any more!) But, I AM saying, if you see a pack of Clorox wipes, pick them up. You see some sort of disinfecting spray? Get that too. Buy vinegar and baking soda. Anything you need to make sure you kill germs in your house… whether coronavirus germs or cold/flu germs. You’ll be happy you have them on hand!
  8. Air Quality Supplies. Get a humidifier and/or an air purifier. Whatever you need to make the air in your home more breathable and feel better for you, especially since you’ll be spending more time sin doors.
  9. Baking Supplies. I’m stocking up my pantry with all the things I need for baking. I’m doing this mostly because the holidays are coming up, and I like to bake all.the.things. However, I’m buying double on staples like flour and sugar! I find that on cozy days in my home, I like to bake something. It warms up the house, it makes it smell good and it’s a nice treat. We’re also buying other pantry staples, like noodles and broths to make all our favorite soups, all winter long.
  10. Everything I need to feel cozy! I’m digging out my slippers, lounge wear, robes, and cozy blankets. I’m making sure my heated blanket is working, my weighted blanket is clean and my favorite sherpa blankets are stacked up near my bed. I’m ready to hibernate and not come out until the sunshine comes back… and the coronavirus is gone 😉

How are you prepping for a winter with more time spent indoors? Are you stocking up on certain “essentials” like me? Let me know what you’re doing in the comments below!

Ugh. You guys… it has been the Monday-ist Monday of all the Mondays lately and I’m so happy it’s over! I’m off to shower and snuggle up in my bed. I’ll be back tomorrow!


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