Hi Friends! Happy, happy Thursday! We are officially TWO weeks away from Thanksgiving and I’m in full on prep mode for Thanksgiving! This year is going to look SO different than years past. Because of the pandemic, we are following our governor’s order and not having more than 10 people at an indoor gathering/ no more than 2 households together. We of course want to be with our extended families but this year, it’s just not safe for us or our loved ones. That being said, we are hosting Thanksgiving, but only for my parents. (Trev’s parents are going to his brother’s house this year for his wife’s family Thanksgiving!) I’m sad that Thanksgiving will look so different this year, but I’m incredibly grateful to still be able to celebrate. I’ve got my cleaning check list ready, we’ve started buying ALL the food, and I have a massive pile in our den where I’ve been putting everything I’m going to need to cook our Thanksgiving dinner.

We’re OF COURSE cooking all our favorite Thanksgiving dishes as always! I’ve shared some with you over the years, like my Grandpa’s stuffing recipe (the BEST stuffing you will ever eat EVER… no joke!), our favorite side dishes and a yummy fall drink recipe or two!

The last two years, I’ve shared my Thanksgiving Bibles. They are a collection of recipes that I add on to year after year, sharing all of our favorite Thanskgivinng recipes in one place.

So grab your stretchy pants and get ready. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m here to share my Thanksgiving Bible. This post is filled with my favorite family recipes, my favorite online recipes and a FREE printable for everything your need this Thanksgiving.

Lets start with the sides!

Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Aren’t Yams

While the star of the show is supposed to be the Turkey, take any of these dishes and I can promise you that they will steal the show!

Grandpa’s Literally Perfect Stuffing

I bet you can’t guess who named this! HAHA This stuffing is amazing and doesn’t contain any of the gross stuff that real stuffing contains. Check it out. It’s seriously SO GOOD.

Grandma Rosie’s Mashed Potatoes

These are the best Mashed Potatoes ever and so freakin’ simple. But if you want an even simpler option, buy the Idahoan Buttery Homestyle Instant Potatoes for $1. They’re almost as good as my Grandma’s and take like 5 seconds to make.

Dad’s Maple Glazed Carrots

Snapple Fact! I HATE carrots! I try so hard to like them but they just taste so bad to me. This is the absolute only way I will eat them (or covered in Peanut Butter) and everyone loves these bad boys!

Spicy Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts

If you don’t like Yams like me and Harry Styles (GASP!) bring a fresh take on a sweet potato. Trev and I make these for dinner almost weekly and they’re so freakin’ good!

Loaded Potato Casserole

And since there are a lot of people out there that don’t love Turkey, a hearty side dish is always welcomed at our dinners. This Loaded Potato Casserole is so yummy and will fill up the bellies of those that aren’t eating the bird.

Creamy Mac and Cheese

There is never an occasion where Mac and Cheese isn’t appropriate. You’re welcome.

And now on to my favorite part of any dinner… the desserts!

Thanksgiving Sweets That Aren’t Pie 

Apple Taffy Salad

Okay. So I was yesterday years old when I learned that people around the country don’t eat marshmallow salads as part of their meals, and that this is a Midwestern thing. Like what?! This is always the first thing I put on my plate at any potluck/gathering! But since most of the country thinks serving Marshmallows as a salad is weird, I’m putting it in the dessert section. I dare you to try it this Thanksgiving… you’re going to LOVE it. Trust me. Midwesterners know food. 

Grandma Rosie’s Pumpkin Roll

Here’s another recipe from my Grandma’s Kitchen that is basically world famous. (Okay. Famous in Manistee.) She makes these every year for her family and friends as a sweet little gift on Thanksgiving. And you guys, people look for them every year because they are SO good.

PS… like I mentioned, these make the best hostess gifts! Clicking on the link won’t only give you the recipe, but also access to a super cute FREE printable that you can print and tie on your package with some twine 

Aunt Tammy’s Sugar Cookies

I’m well aware that these are totally a Christmas recipe, but these cookies are so yummy they’ll be a hit at any holiday gathering! (Just make sure they’re shaped like Turkeys, not trees!)

Pumpkin Oreo Cheesecake

I don’t really like Pumpkin. But I LOVE pumpkin when it’s combined with Oreos and cheesecake!

Mickey Approved Apple Pie

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of “pumpkin” flavored things, so I always gravitate towards apple pie on Thanksgiving! My family and I have been making the same apple pie for YEARS. We got the recipe out of a Walt Disney World cookbook when I was small, and it was so good, we’ve never tried anything different!

No Bake Oreo Pie

This is the easiest pie recipe ever and it’s so dang good! Plus, it’s a no bake pie. Which means you aren’t taking up any of that precious oven space. I found this recipe on Pinterest YEARS ago, and have made it so many times, I’ve memorized it. So, I’m sorry for not linking the original post!

Dad’s Pumpkin Pie

And because I can’t do a Thanksgiving post without the most classic dish, I suppose I can share my dad’s Pumpkin Pie recipe with you.

The Best Whip Cream You’ll Ever Eat

And to top your pies, you HAVE to try this whip cream my Dad makes! It’s so good… it seriously tastes like ice cream! It’ll make every pie you serve taste boujee AF, and your guests are going to want to eat it by the spoonful.

Cast Iron Apple Crumble

I made this recipe in September as part of a collab with Hudsonville Ice Cream and it’s SOOOOOO good. It would be the PERFECT addition to your Thanksgiving dessert table!

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

This was another Hudsonville collab! You’ll like these even if you don’t like pumpkin. And if you don’t want to put ice cream in the middle, try this cream cheese filling from Martha Stewart with my cookie!

Andddd just in case you like to drink your dessert, I’ve got a drink recipe or two that is sure to make your guests smile.

Thanksgiving Drink Recipe + Infused Vodka Recipes

Apple Cider Whiskey Slush

Apple Cider Floats (Virgin)

Any Recipe from the Ole Smoky Website

What are you favorite Thanksgiving recipes?! Link them below! I’m always looking for something new to try!

Alright my loves, I’m signing off for the weekend. Just one more work day then I’ll be planking my butt on the couch watching Christmas movies ALL WEEKEND LONG. I literally can’t wait! Have the best weekend everyone. I’ll be back on Monday!


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