2021 Spring Bucket List

Hi Friends! Happy, happy Monday! It’s time for our Spring 2021 Bucket List! (Can you even believe?!) Here in Michigan, it’s still pretty dang cold. But the sunshine is out, it’s staying lighter longer and I’ve woken up to birds chirping every day this week. That means we’re just around the corner from warm sunshine, thunderstorms, flowers, blossoms and warmer weather. (This week it’s supposed to be in the 60s all week!)

As all of my followers know (If you’re new, welcome to Savannah Said It! I’m so happy you’re here!) as the seasons begin to change here in Michigan, I start to break out my seasonal bucket lists! Way back when I started this blog, they were a part of my Mitten Monday posts. Now, these seasonal bucket lists aren’t tailored just to Michigan, but to wherever you are celebrating this new season. That being said, I still like to brag a little about my great state, so these posts tend to be filled with pictures of Spring in The Mitten State. Just remember… you don’t have to be in Michigan to enjoy all of these things!

I personally love Spring. It feels like a fresh start after the long dreary Winter. The very best thing about Spring in Michigan is that it still isn’t all that busy. People tend to shy away from our great state because the weather is too unpredictable. However, if you dare to come (once this quarantine is over), I promise you’ll be rewarded. Our state seal doesn’t lie…. “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” From Oberon Day to Tulip Time and everything in between, the season when baseball returns and so do our cherry blossoms is easily one of our most underrated seasons… so I have to imagine, it’s pretty underrated everywhere else too!

I find that I make the most of every season when I have a Bucket List to cross off. So without further ado, here are my favorite things to do in the Spring!

This year, it’s a little bit different trying to cross off this Spring Bucket List! I know that all of these things might not be possible thanks to Covid, but I’m leaving them here just in case!

2021 Spring Bucket List

Celebrate The Return Of Your Favorite Summer Beer! Spring is when all your favorite summer beers begin to make their way back on the market. In Michigan… that’s Oberon! If you’re reading this from somewhere outside of the Midwest, you’re probably wondering why we celebrate the life of Oberyn on Game of Thrones and why I’m spelling his name wrong. But guess what? Michigan is home to Bell’s Brewery. And they just so happen to make the VERY BEST SUMMER BEER EVER. Every Spring, Michiganders everywhere are celebrating the taste of summer with the release of Oberon. (And if you think Oberon is overrated, you’re wrong. It’s delightful.) If you’ve never had it, I think it kinda tastes like Blue Moon, except for a billion times better. However, this year, Oberon has some competition for my favorite summer beer. I’ve fallen IN LOVE with Larry’s Latest Flamingo Fruit Fight (also from Bells) and it’s SO good! (Get yourself a six pack if you can, and thank me later!)

Take a hike. This is literally on EVERY SINGLE ONE of my bucket lists. But tbh, there isn’t a bad time of year to get out in nature and take a hike. Below I’m linking some of my personal favorite hikes from across the US (and Canada!) that you should check out for a little inspiration!

Mt. Tammany Summit (The Poconos, PA)

Chapel Loop (The Pictured Rocks, MI)

National Park Hiking Guide: The Smokies (Smoky Mountains, TN)

Ash Cave (Hocking Hills, OH)

Rock House (Hocking Hills, OH)

Cascade Canyon (Jackson, WY)

Bradley, Taggart & Phelps Lakes (Jackson, WY)

Lake Louise and Lake Agnes Tea House (Banff, Alberta)

Peyto Lake (Banff, Alberta)

Sleeping Bear Dunes (Glen Arbor, MI)

Tiptoe through Tulips. Welp, thanks to the coronavirus, a quick trip to the Netherlands isn’t possible this spring. But all around the world, there are tulip fields that will give you a similar experience! Unfortunately, I know in Michigan our Tulip Festival is canceled. But that doesn’t mean you can’t drive around and enjoy tulip fields from your car!

Celebrate Opening Day. Spring and Baseball go hand in hand. Detroit is one of the most LOYAL sports city you’ll find, and when it comes to their Tigers, Opening Day is everyone’s favorite holiday. There is no more true sign that Spring is officially here than when the first pitch of the season is thrown at Comerica Park. And I know for a fact, that we’re not the only city that counts Opening Day as one of the first signs of Spring!

Enjoy the Blossoms. I dare you to find something “more Spring” than standing under a tree full of cherry blossoms on a sunny day.

Head to the Farmer’s Market. Warmer weather means Farmers Markets is back in business! We love heading to Eastern Market on Saturdays to shop for our fresh produce and locally made goods. We make an entire day out of it, grabbing breakfast, shopping, grabbing beers at our market’s brewery and of course getting ice cream before we leave. It’s my favorite way to spend a Saturday in the Spring!

Do some Spring Cleaning. I did a bunch of posts last week on how we Spring Clean at our house! Check them out here!

Go Fishing. Who else loves to fish?! Nothing screams summer to me like a day out on the boat with Trev and my Dad. And Dad’s boat comes out of hiding on the first really beautiful Spring day. Now is the time to grab your fishing licenses and get your poles ready. The fish are biting!

Enjoy the Rain. Anyone else love a good rainstorm?! Every Spring I hope for one weekend where it’s a super rainy day. That way I can pull on my Hunters and head out and jump in puddles. (Yes, I’m 5 years old.) And then I always hope by the afternoon the rain gets harder and the thunder and lightening roll in. I LOVE to lay around reading with the windows open, listening to the storm! (And now I sound like Phyllis.)

Visit a Tourist Town. Spring is one of the best times of the year to head to a tourist town. The “fudgies” (what we call tourists in Northern Michigan) haven’t arrived yet (so it’s not too crowded), the weather is beautiful, the snow is melting, the trees are blossoming, and the locals are still friendly. (Because crowds and rude tourists can make the best of the locals cranky!) Take a weekend away to that one town you’ve been dying to visit. Chances are, you’ll get a great discount for visiting in the off season too!

Have a Picnic. The first thing I want to do when the weather gets nice? Pack a picnic and eat outside!

Celebrate Memorial Day. Have a bonfire, grill and enjoy the start of summer! And when Monday rolls around, be sure to head to a Memorial Day parade to pay your respects to those who so bravely fought and died for our country.

What are you most excited to do this Spring?! I’m just ready to get outside and get some Vitamin D!

Alright my friends. I’m off to cheer on Michigan. They’re like my last hope for a decent “score” on my bracket this year! (My bracket is SO BUSTED.)

Have a fantastic day loves! I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.


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