Gift Guide: For Couples

You all know them. The impossibly adorable couple that makes you cringe with cuteness. They’re always happy, always laughing, and always inseparable. It just makes sense that these couples that do EVERYTHING together would get a Christmas gift together too. But that’s where the problems begin. What the heck do you buy a couple? Sure, you can ask them what they want, but that totally ruins the “surprise” element of the gift.

When buying for couples I start by thinking about what kind of couple they are. Are they newlyweds? New parents? Do they like to go on adventures? Or maybe you’ll find them snuggled up at home. Thinking of what kind of couple you’re buying for will help narrow down the options immensely. And using this handy gift guide, will make shopping a breeze!!

For “The Newlyweds”
Let’s begin our guide with the blissfully happy newlyweds. The stress of the wedding is behind them, and they’re still basking in the after glow of their wedding and honeymoon. For this couple, their first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. is a huge deal. So why not get them something to help them remember the best day of their lives? These amazingly beautiful Custom Maps from Minted are sure to do the trick. Get them a map of their Wedding City or Honeymoon destination and they are sure to swoon! Another thing I love? These beautiful custom foil art prints of their wedding vows!

For “The Long Distance Relationship”
Long Distance Relationships are the absolute worst. You’re constantly counting down the days until you can see the other person and time seems to move so dang slow. So why not get this couple something that makes counting down the days a little bit easier? These new calendars from Shutterfly are just what they need. Not only are they beautiful, but they can be customized with photos of the couple’s happiest times together. Just be sure you order two! PS… I love Shutterfly’s calendars. They are seriously amazing quality, and I order one for my mom every year. 

For “The Foodies”
I know you know this couple. They are the ones that are always cooking for everyone else and truly believe they’re the best cooks on earth. Why not help them in their quest of conquering the cooking world with a hand made gift basket? My favorite way to give Christmas gifts is packaged up super pretty. If I were buying for The Foodies in my life, they’d be getting this amazing pot filled with cooking goodies! Trev and I got the Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Skillet as a shower gift and we can’t rave about it enough. We use it ALL THE TIME. And anyone who loves to be in the kitchen will love it too. The one I linked is a pretty holiday green (perfect if you’re using it as the gift basket) and here is one in a pretty holiday red. However, if you really don’t care about the color, you can snag this one for only $99 right now. And that is a freakin’ steal! Fill the pretty pot with a cookbook (this one is my absolute favorite!) and some new cooking utensils. (It’s important to buy Bamboo or Silicone so that it doesn’t ruin the pot while they cook. I love this set from Williams-Sonoma and this Bamboo set you can find on Amazon.)

For “The Home Owners”
For the couple who have just bought their first (or a new!) home, think of Christmas as a time to get them a really awesome House Warming gift. If you know exactly what style/decor they have in their home, by all means, get them something that matches it. But, if you’re not sure, I’d get them something that doesn’t really matter if it matches the decor, but still brings something special to their new place. Something like this beautiful Magnolia Wreath from the one and only Gaines family, or this incredibly funny door mat from Fox and Clover. (Also, go check out all their door mats because they are amazing and I need every single one in my life!) You can always give a Home Depot or Lowes gift card too. They will be greatly appreciated, especially if they bought a fixer-upper. 

For “The New Couple”
Ahhhh. Young love. This couple has probably only been dating a few weeks, and the first time they are meeting the family just so happens to be during Christmas Dinner. New Couples are the easiest to buy gifts for, because they probably don’t even know where they stand as a team yet. So go with a simple date night gift. You can go the easy route, and grab a gift certificate to a local restaurant, OR you can get them a date night at home. They say cooking together helps you feel more connected to your partner, and for a couple just getting to know each other, a cooking date would be pretty dang perfect! These boxes from World Market are kind of amazing. Pick out a few “World Tastes” gift boxes and let them cook their way around the world together. Might I suggest Italy and France? To see all of their gift boxes, click here.

For “The Hosts”
For the couple who is always having parties, get them something that they can display proudly. These marble and copper monogram boards are so gorgeous! They’d be absolutely perfect sitting on any table at a party. Add these cheese knifes for practicality and these coasters for a bit of whimsy. Wrap it all up with a bow, and you’ll have a gift they’ll adore.

For “The Homebodies”
Some couples are happiest spending time together snuggled up on the couch at home. Give this couple everything they need for a cozy winter night. Start with cute coffee mugs (I always recommend checking Target!) and some hot cocoa. Add the coziest blanket on the internet and a board game (I’m dying to try this one!). This legit sounds like the most perfect night to me! And I think your “homebodies” will think so too.

For “The Travelers”
In my opinion, everyone that loves to travel needs a GoPro . Trev and I love ours, and use it to film every trip we go on. We love making videos when we get home to help commemorate our trip… Like this

For “The Outdoor Lovers”
For the couple that loves to be outside, make their next camping trip a little bit more comfortable. This TWO PERSON SLEEPING BAG (yes, you read that right!) is freaking awesome. Honestly, I want this just because. They also would probably love a hammock they could hang anywhere their hearts desire.

For “The New Parents”
The second a couple becomes “Mom and Dad” they become the baby paparazzi. And someday, when their new little bundle of joy is all grown up, they aren’t going to want to be using an old iPhone to look at pictures of them as a baby. So do Mom and Dad a favor, and buy them a really nice camera, that is going to last them forever. This way, all of their babies biggest moments in life will be captured with beautiful images. This Nikon will take gorgeous photos and last a lifetime. (You can buy it here with one lens included.) If a DSLR is a bit too much, check out this super high quality SLR that they will be sure to love.

How many of you are buying couple gifts this year??

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! I’m super excited for Hairspray Live on NBC tonight! Who else loves all these TV musicals?!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the last gift guide. This one is the absolute most important one of them all… Can you guess who it’s for?!!!


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