Weekend Round Up

Hey Love Bugs! Long time no talk… I know.

Remember how I had promised one last post on Friday? Well… Friday took an unexpected turn, and I just couldn’t focus on the blog. Trev had a bit of an emergency (nothing too serious, but enough to make me worry and try to figure out the fastest way to get back to Detroit) and I felt so helpless being four hours away. Thank goodness his mom was only an hour away and was able to get up to our place and take care of him. She is a nurse, so I knew he was in much better hands with her than he would have been with me! He ended up having to go to urgent care, but it doing MUCH better now. However, if you could just keep him in your thoughts, it would be very much appreciated 🙂

Other than a very sleepless Friday night, my weekend has been so much fun! It’s been nice being here with my parents. It was just me this weekend, because I had to leave on Thursday and Trev still had work. My car needed some work done on it, and I really only trust the people up here that I’ve always taken my car to. For me, it’s worth the four hour drive to have some peace of mind knowing my car is the best possible hands. Plus, it means a weekend with my parents whom I ABSOLUTELY ADOREEEE. (I hope you said that in a Clarice Kensington voice.)

Our weekend was way too short, but it was filled with all my favorite things. Rock hunting, tanning, sunsets, and food. So. Much. Food. Whenever I come home, my parents make sure we get to eat at all my favorite local places. In fact, as I write this, we’re getting ready to head to Big Al’s for dinner. (I’m ready to get some strom in my belly!)

Rock Hunting at Magoon Creek Nature Preserve 
Creating my masterpiece! 
3 Musketeers! (We were missing Trev tho!)
Mom and I made Christmas cookies (We cheated… we totally bought break apart dough this year!) and watched Christmas movies!
DSC_0032 copy
Swimming at sunset is legit the best! 

Tonight, we’re watching the greatest show ever, Game of Thrones, and then I’m leaving in the morning. 😦 Leaving home always sucks. Especially knowing that I’m driving straight to work. Ugh.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my regular blogging schedule… I promise! It’s Mitten Monday and I’m SO excited to share a little bit on the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore! Be sure to check back tomorrow for some seriously gorgeous photos!

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday everyone!


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