Weekend Round Up

Oh Sunday. The day that I love to hate. I love Sundays because they’re still the weekend, but HATE Sundays because it means the weekend is over. (Usually much too fast.)

We had a weekend full of Christmas fun! This Saturday was the first time this year that it’s actually felt like Christmas for me. Both Trev and I have been busting our butts at work, working crazy long hours. We haven’t gotten to do half the things we love to do every Christmas and I was feeling super sad about it. But luckily, we got to have the most perfect little date night on Saturday! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Let’s start with Friday!

After we both got out of work on Friday, we packed up the car and headed down to Blissfield. We grabbed some dinner on the way, and braved the snow to drive south. Jacksy Cat was feeling oh so fancy in his little sweater. HAHA


When we got here, we frosted sugar cookies and got some baby snuggles!

I’m basically a pro… like The Haley Cakes on Instagram. HAHA


Saturday, we woke up and were off to run some errands in Toledo. We had a few last minute Christmas things to pick up with Trev’s mom. We grabbed some Fricker’s for lunch (we loveeee Frickers!) and then came home to watch some basketball on TV. (Trev watched basketball… I took a nap.)


Saturday night was date night and we headed to The Lights Before Christmas at The Toledo Zoo. We loveee the lights at the Toledo Zoo. Seriously, if you’re torn between going to see the zoo lights in Toledo or Detroit, go to Toledo. They are a thousand times better IMO. You also get access to all the animal exhibits, where at the Detroit Zoo you don’t. 






On our way home, we picked up a pizza and watched Kingsman! (I liked it. But so not as good as the first one!)

Today, was Christmas with Trev’s family. And as usual, I only took pictures of my sweet little niece!




And she finally fit into her sweet little outfit I got for her Baby Shower! It’s soooo cute! The onesie says “Auntie is my Bestie” 🙂 If you’ve got a little niece on the way, she totally has to have it! It’s from TwoMoonsAvenue on Etsy! They are temporarily closed due to sold out products. But click here to sign up to receive an email when they are back in stock!

Alright loves. I’m off to finish watching The Sound of Music and get some rest before my busy week begins. I just keep thinking… it’s almost time to head home for the holidays!

I’m back tomorrow with one of my favorite Mitten Monday posts of the year!


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