Weekend Round Up

Hey Hey Happy Monday my loves! I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend!

I was crazy sad that I couldn’t be with my family this Easter. I really missed going to church with my mom, eating tons and tons of food at my grandmas, and being surrounded by those I love most. However, I had a great time with Trev’s family celebrating more than just Easter!

Our weekend started on Friday when we got out of work. We packed up the car and the kitty, turned on some Small Town Murder, and headed down to Blissfield.

Saturday we woke up early because there was a lot to get done. It was moving day for Trev’s Grandma. So we spent the morning packing up boxes and moving her big items…. like her davenport. (I think it’s so cute she doesn’t call it a couch!)

Trev said “Take my picture and tell everyone that this is why you lift weights… so you can lift chairs by yourself.” So there ya go. HAHA

Once the boys were DEEP into moving, my sister in law and I snuck off to start prepping for Larry’s surprise 60th birthday party! And while I totally tried to focus on the tasks at hand, I was so distracted by this little peanut!


We took a break to meet up with everyone for lunch at B Town. I order the same thing every time I’m there because I LOVE their Slim Jim and Tots!

The only picture I took at lunch hahaha

Then, the boys took Larry out of town so we could decorate and get everything set up for the party! Larry was SO shocked! I’m seriously surprised we pulled it off. I thought for sure he’d have figured it out!


We had so much fun celebrating, watching the games and talking with Trev’s family and family friends. But the best part of my night? Stealing my little niece away and getting to rock her for an hour!

LOL I’m just now realizing I have like zero pictures from the weekend that aren’t of my niece. Oops! I just love her so dang much! Hope you like cute baby pics!

Sunday we slept in and then got ready to head to Easter Brunch with Trev’s family.

Love this handsome hubby of mine!



I just can’t. SO CUTE. 

I ended up wearing long sleeves and pants because it was SO COLD here!

After Lunch we headed back to his parents house to visit before packing up and heading home.

One more of me and my littlest bestie! 

It was SO late by the time we left (our lunch was a really late lunch) that by the time we got back to Detroit we didn’t have much time to do anything we normally do on Sundays. So the groceries aren’t bought, the house isn’t cleaned, our clothes aren’t unpacked, and we totally didn’t feel ready for the week.

Actual footage of us this AM.

Luckily, we’re both done with work semi-earlish today, so we’re going to try to get all our “Sunday Stuff” done tonight before the big game!

I hope everyone had a really great weekend, and that you’re lucky enough to be reading this from somewhere warm and sunny! (Everyone I know is on Spring Break rn!)

I’ll be back tomorrow for Travel Tuesday. Have a great night everyone! Remember…



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