Weekend Round Up

Hey there my beautiful blog family! I’ve missed you! It feels like FOREVER since I last sat down to write (really it’s only be a couple days!) and I’m happy to be back.

Unfortunately, all the prep we did to head to Georgia for the weekend turned out to be for nothing 😦 Trev’s girls lost by one point Thursday night. To say we were sad is an understatement. Not only did we really want the girls to win, we were looking forward to getting away for the weekend and out of Michigan.

And then Friday? Well Friday, I had the worst day I’ve had in awhile. Maybe it was because I was determined to have a bad day since I wasn’t going to Georgia, or maybe it was the Universe laughing at my misfortune, but whatever it was… it SUCKED. From spilling coffee all over myself to forgetting to put on deodorant in the morning to trying to get lunch but having to settle for Funyons in the afternoon everything in between (I’ll save you the details) my day was straight up out of that movie with Lindsay Lohan before she went crazy. (I think it was called Just My Luck?)

So to try to make up for our now inevitably lame weekend (nothing was going to live up to a road trip) we drowned our sorrows in the only way we know how… in carbs at the Olive Garden.


Side note… for some reason whenever we try to have date night, it’s like the restaurants always want to rush us through our dinner and we’re only there for 20 minutes. But this trip to the Olive Garden was even worse than normal! We sat down, they took our drink order and came back to take our normal order and said that our drinks would be right out. (It was literally just a beer and a diet coke!) Literally 3 minutes after we order (I’m not kidding I looked at the time based on texts I had sent) our salad, breadsticks and pasta came out all at the same time!! We started eating because we didn’t want our stuff to get cold, and we were almost done by the time we got our drinks! We were done within 15 minutes!!! 15 minutes for date night. We were so mad! Ugh.

So we sweetened up our Friday with some Menchies and The Office at home.


Saturday I was on my own for the day because Trev went to a Coaches Clinic. So I spent my day doing what I do best… Shopping! I picked up Mother’s Day gifts, found Trev the pair of Hunter boots he wanted (He had tried them on at Target and liked them but was worried he wouldn’t wear them so he put them back and then he changed his mind we went back inside and they were already gone. Someone must have returned them in his size and they were just sitting at Target on Saturday! Talk about fate!) and the rest of the stuff I needed for my kid’s Mother’s Day presents at school.

When I came home, I ate my Culvers then grabbed one of my many Elin Hilderbrand books and laid in the sun. It was SO relaxing!


Saturday night we celebrated Cinco de Mayo at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Plymouth. We had a spot on the patio, giant margaritas and really yummy food. We had so much fun and it totally made up for the really lame “date night” we had the night before.



Today, we spent the day cleaning our house super good! We tested out a few “cleaning hacks” we found on Pinterest that I’ll be sharing with you later this week! (Have you seen my other posts in my Spring Cleaning series?! If not, check them out here and here!) We also did the laundry and grocery shopped. Now, we’re sitting here finishing the newest Small Town Murder and getting ready to do some meal prep for the week.

Speaking of… the STM guys liked and retweeted my tweet and I was super excited.

So our weekend was def not what we planned… but at least we still got to spend it together.

How were your weekends?!

I’m back to my normal blogging schedule this week! However, tomorrow in stead of Mitten Monday, you’re getting a last minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide! (Because I know half of you pry have put off shopping until now… just like me. HAHA)

Have a great rest of your Sunday my friends. It’s back to the grind tm. Ugh.


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