Happy Travel Tuesday?

Hi Loves! I know that you were expecting a post yesterday, and today you’re here for Travel Tuesday. Unfortunately, real life has gotten in the way of getting my blog posts up to you on time.

I always try to make sure my posts are filled with quality content for you, so I try really hard not to just throw one together. (Like this one, that I’m typing on my phone on my quick break at work.) So, since I worked a long day yesterday and won’t leave until after 7:30 tonight, I’m shifting my posts for the week. Tomorrow you will see a #WhatUpWednesday, and Thursday you’ll see New Year, New (ish) Me: Eating Healthy and a mini review on our new Mealthy Multi Pot! (I’m also collabing with my friends at Kitchen Cabinet Kings for this post, and I promise, you’re going to love it!)

And if you REALLY feel like reading a post (or four) might I suggest clicking on my Travel tab since it is Travel Tuesday after all?! Go get lost in some amazing destinations and pictures… you’ll thank me later! (PS… I’d start with Jackson Hole or Banff.)

Thanks for understanding ❤️I’ll be back tomorrow!


PS… Anyone else super stoked Tom Brady and The Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl?!!

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