15 Things To Try This Fourth Of July

Hey, hey! Happy Tuesday my Loves! I’m back today with a fun Fourth of July post for you all!

Fourth of July is usually one of my absolute favorite days of the year. I go to a parade, an arts and crafts show, hit up the beach and the beachside carnival, shop the annual book sale, go to a bbq or two, eat an elephant ear and watch fireworks… all while celebrating my country’s independence. Everything that I love about summer seems to be all wrapped up into one perfect day every Fourth of July. But thanks to #coronavirus I know my holiday is about to look very, very different.

And while COVID 19 has ruined so many things this year, I’m refusing to let it ruin my fun… and my long weekend! So, if you’re to party like it’s 1776, but have no idea how, keep reading. Here are 15 Things to Try This Fourth of July!

  1. Make Patriotic Drinks. Refreshing summer drinks are the best… but they are even better when they are Red, White and Blue! A few years ago, we made a Patriotic Sangria we found on Pinterest and it was BOMB. There are a ton of recipes here or on Pinterest!
  2. Have a socially distanced BBQ. You all know I love a good BBQ! We throw our Fourth of July BBQs just like our Memorial Day ones. Click here if you want some BBQ ideas!
  3. Pack and Picnic. I loveeeee picnics! Especially when they happen on the beach at Lake Michigan 🙂 Celebrate the Fourth with a yummy picnic in your favorite place and enjoy the summer sunshine!
  4. Play with Sparklers. I feel like this is a no brainer?
  5. Celebrate on the Beach or….
  6. Have a pool day. Both are a classic way to celebrate the summer’s best holiday!
  7. Watch a Patriotic Classic. Independence Day, anyone? Bonus points if you watch it in your backyard under the stars!
  8. Make Red White and Blue Recipes. Pinterest is FULL of Red, White and Blue recipes. And spoiler alert, they all look SO yummy!
  9. Find some fireworks… even if you have to stream them! All of the fireworks near my hometown are cancel this year, boo. So I’ll be streaming some on YouTube. Might I suggest literally any Disney World fireworks show?
  10. Do something outside. Our founding father’s didn’t go through hell for you to spend the day inside on scrolling on Instagram.
  11. Take a mini road trip. Drive to the nearest beach town and spend the day exploring! (With a mask, of course.) IMO, small beach towns do the Fourth of July the best. Even if they aren’t boasting their full Fourth Festivals this year, I bet you’ll find cute shops, pretty vistas and yummy food!
  12. Visit a state or national park. Spacious skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountain majesties, fruited plains. You get the picture. Our country is beautiful… get out there and enjoy it!
  13. Spend a day on the lake. Swimming, boating, fishing, jet skiing, you get the picture. A day on the lake is always a day well spent.
  14. Have a camp fire… and roast s’mores! And if you want some unique s’more ideas, click here.
  15. CELEBRATE. It’s the Fourth of July… even if it does look a little different than normal.

How are you celebrating the Fourth this year? Is it going to look different in your town than normal?

Alright my loves, I’ll be back tomorrow with my last post for the week. I’ll talk to you then!


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